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Mobile Machinery

Meet Finland's leading suppliers
to the mobile machinery industry

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Aplicom Oy

Offers telematic devices and device software.  Also provides global connectivity services, device management, support and consulting. 

Our Ambitions

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Business Finland is cooperating with AHP International in order to reach out to potential customers and partners during 2020 and 2021.
Potential partners for German companies are the core players in the Finnish mobile machinery ecosystem.  Finland, similar to Germany, has a strong history in the manufacturing of machines of all kinds, with a broad base of innovative SMEs. Finland is also a leading international player in terms of innovation, R&D spent, patents registered, and the use of mobile data. Whether for maritime – where Finnish know-how plays a leading role internationally – , forestry and paper (core Finnish industry), mining or cargo-handling equipment at ports, Finnish leading-edge technology and know-how boosts not only the domestic economy but also contributes to a high export share.  
We are looking forward to successful meetings and expanding business activities for all participants from Finland in Germany, Austria, and Central Europe.
This Rebound Campaign to Western and Central Europe offers Finnish mobile machinery suppliers a stepping stone to these exciting and geographically as well as culturally near markets. Contacts are being sought to potential clients in the target markets and the Finnish companies presented as interesting and viable partners. The first approach is in the form of clusters, initially hydraulics, later agricultural machines, in order to initiate dialogue in the form of virtual, or if possible, physical B2B meetings. 

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Unternehmen für Maschinenbau
Are you interested in meeting one of Finland's leading suppliers for the mobile machinery industry?


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Franziska Wegerich

Senior Manager & Consultant

Tel.: + 49 (0) 6221 91571-19

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