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Epec Oy is a system supplier specializing in advanced electrics /electronics for efficient, safe and connected non-road mobile machines (NRMM) and commercial vehicles. Epec is a manufacturing company with extensive experience in control systems, customized products, electric vehicle systems and assistance and autonomous systems.

Since 1978, Epec’s diverse experience is based on long term cooperation with leading international OEM’s in different sectors. The strength of the company is the combination of innovative and reliable products and services, Know-How of new technology, extensive project management and service experience from different types of applications and operating environments.

– Being close to their customers, they continuously co-create and innovate  value adding sustainable future technology solutions that makes a difference.


  • Over 40 years of experience in NRMM and commercial vehicles electronics and software

  • In-house manufacturing of electronic control units, displays, sensors, telematic units and electric powertrain components

  • Capability to take responsibility for compleate machine simulation based software development

  • Ability to custoimize products for OEM's

  • Skilled team with know-how on latest technologies such as assistance systems, advanced automation, and electromobility

  • IATF 16949 compliant operations